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Frequently asked questions

Homey is a real estate agency, however we operate mainly online, we bring accommodation together with prospective tenants. We mediate between the parties to ensure a perfect match!

Although Homey is an online rental agency, we do have the possibility to either book a viewing in person or to book a viewing via a video call. Therefore, living closer to your new apartment does not give you an advantage.

When planning to rent a long-stay apartment we advise renting excluding utilities. In which case the tenant chooses his own suppliers and pays the costs to the supplier of the utilities directly. This rules out any disagreements about the amount of the costs. It is also possible that the rent is including, however this would be clearly stated in the description and is mostly the case with short-stay listings. In that case, the tenant pays an advance on energy costs to the landlord.

At Homey everybody can sign-up for an apartment. However, some landlords have a preferred profile regarding tenants. We do allow landlords to have a preferred profile, although this can not be based on religion, origin, etc. The landlord can choose between expats, families, students, etc. In most of the descriptions we already state what type of tenants the landlord is looking for and what the income requirements are for the specific listing. Most of the time, when the income requirements do not meet, it is possible to rent when having a guarantor that does meet the income requirement or when paying a higher deposit.

Well, after a viewing, we will setup a form in your dashboard where you can fill in the additional details. If all your details are filled in correctly, we propose you as a tenant to the landlord. When your are accepted, the last few documents can be uploaded in your dashboard and only thing left is signing the contract and grabbing your keys!

Yes, Homey will be the one handling the paperwork. With our online environment, the process of the paperwork will be easy and stress free for both tenant and landlord.

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