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Homey is an online rental agency in Rotterdam. We offer rooms, studios, apartments and family homes. Renting a home at Homey is easier than ever. Homey is committed to a fair and transparent rental process and ensures that the right match will be found between tenant and landlord. In addition to our personal approach, tenants enjoy our online service. The process for the tenant, with exception of viewings, takes place entirely on the Homey platform. Our office is located in the Scheepvaartkwartier, close to the city center of Rotterdam, our beloved city.

The team

Ilias Azdoufali

managing director

Ilias has extensive experience in interior design. While still being active as an interior designer, Ilias plans to expand his knowledge on all levels relating to real estate. With his past endeavours within the fields of information science and entrepreneurship, he aims to bridge the gap between fields that are still reluctant to technological developments. Ilias holds a BSc from Erasmus University Rotterdam and University of Amsterdam and a MA from Erasmus University Rotterdam. In his spare time, Ilias has an “unhealthy” obsession with pop/street-art collectibles.

Remy Sneek

head of business

Remy is the dealmaker of the three, with a background in the real estate market he has a lot of knowledge of both residential and commercial real estate. In the previous years he worked for a professional investment fund and a corporate agency for commercial real estate. Remy holds a BSc in Real Estate. With a refreshing view on the market, he hopes to bring about change through smart use of data, new technology and an excellent operating model. Remy is passionate about photography, architecture and travelling.

Nordin Bouchrit

head of technology

Nordin comes with a broad experience in computer science. Next to his studies, Nordin worked on several innovative projects. Nordin holds a BSc in Communication Science and a Research MSc from the University of Amsterdam and is mainly interested in the interaction between humans and technology. He aims to make use of his knowledge in both computer- and communication science to create innovative software products that simplify bureaucratic processes and match perfectly with the needs of the user. Oh, and by the way, in his free time, you can book Nordin as a DJ for your local disco party.

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