Additional Costs After Renting

When renting a house, the tenant will always receive additional costs in addition to the basic rent. If the rent is exclusive (without gas, water, electricity and internet) the tenant will have to take care of these after signing the contract. 

Good to know that we offer a free service where we will take care of this for the tenant and provide the cheapest offer that applies to the address and living composition.

In addition to these costs, the tenant will always have to take into account a number of other additional costs. These are taxes charged by the municipality and costs for minor maintenance.

Municipal taxes

Sewerage levy is a tax that you pay for the removal of household water, the removal and storage of rainwater, the maintenance of groundwater and the costs of construction or management of sewers. The cost of this varies based on the address and living composition.

Waste materials levy is used by the municipality to pay for the collection and processing of household waste. The waste collection levies are usually sent by the municipality in the first three months of the year. The cost of this varies based on the address and living composition.

Water taxes are paid for the purification of wastewater and for maintenance of streams, ditches, and dikes. This tax is twofold and consists of: water system levy for residents and purification levy for residential areas. The ‘resident water system levy’ is a fixed amount per year per household and the ‘purification levy for living areas’ is a fixed amount per year per pollution unit. The cost of this varies based on the address and living composition.


In the costs for maintenance, a distinction is made between minor and major maintenance. Minor maintenance is at the expense of the tenant. Major maintenance is for the landlord’s account.

Minor maintenance includes items that need to be replaced due to the tenant’s own use. The actions involved are easy for the tenants to carry out. This includes things like changing lamps, tightening screws when something is loose etc. It will often cost little to do small maintenance as a tenant. Often in the rental agreement there will be a specific amount up to which the tenant will bear the costs and is mostly something like €50,-.

Major maintenance includes things like fixing a leak or blockage or repairing (kitchen) appliances, for example. Please note that if the tenant has clearly caused the damage, the costs will be for the tenant’s account.

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