The Homey Rental Process

Renting a home at Homey is easier than ever. Homey is committed to a fair and transparent rental process and ensures that the right match will be found between tenant and landlord. The process of renting with us is very simple.

Start with a (virtual) tour

It all starts with a first contact, where you are probably exposed to one of our listings either through Pararius, Facebook, or this website. If you are interested in a listing, you can book a tour via our website and select the day and time slot that is most suitable for you. The viewing can be online or in-person, that is totally up to you! After selecting the desired day and time we will ask you to fill in some basic background information about you. We will check the information and confirm the specific day and time of the viewing and will give the exact address of the listing.

Most of the time, the viewing is a little tour through the apartment of approximately 15 minutes where the agent will show the different spaces in the home and talk about the neighborhood in general. Also, the agent will explain what the next steps are when you want to rent the listing.

But am I eligible to rent?

At the core, everyone can sign up to rent a listing at Homey!

Sometimes landlords have a specific tenant in mind and we have to make sure that the tenant will meet these requirements. This will never be based on religion, race, or something like that, but mostly based on occupation and desired rental term etc. For example, based on being a student, expat, or international student. The other selection criteria we look at when you want to rent a home is if you meet the income requirements. If you do not meet the income requirements, it is possible to rent with a guarantor that does meet the income requirements or by paying a higher deposit. The income requirements are as follows:

– Net income of 3 times the rent, holiday allowances, and other
fixed allowances may be included.
– Duration of employment contract at least 10 months if the rental period is 12 months.
– Net income of 4 times the rent over the past 3 years.

Request to rent

So…. If you meet these requirements, have a guarantor who does or if you are open to paying a higher deposit you can request to rent an apartment through email. The rental agent will instruct you, next to explaining the above-mentioned requirements, that you need to make a Homey account. In this account you have your own personal dashboard with a form that you need to fill in to complete your request for renting the home.

If we have a lot of requests for renting a specific listing, we work on a first come first serve basis. This means that we choose the eligible tenant that uploaded the required information the earliest.

Make sure to be quick when requesting to rent a home.

After choosing the eligible tenant(s) we will make a profile that we will send to the landlord. After the green light from the landlord, we will inform you that you can rent the home we will make a check-in appointment on the first day your contract will start.

Check, check, check-in

The last part is the check-in, where we will hand over the keys and check if there are any leftover reparations to be done in the home. If so, we will notify the property manager.

Now that we handed over the keys and administered the starting state of the property you are ready to go and start renting with Homey!

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